Digital Interactive Event Mosaics

A unique way for fans, customers, or employees to interact not only with your brand, but also with each other. Photos are submitted onsite or online and analyzed in real-time to find the most optimal place in the photo mosaic. Services include photobooth activations, professional photography, live social media photo aggregation, post event mosaic creation, robust analytics reporting, and so much more.

Key Features:
  • Supports 900 to 25,000+ photos
  • Full searchability based on custom data supplied during submission
  • Sharing through social networks
  • Live streaming to any web browser (desktop or mobile, 10k+ simultaneous feeds)
  • In-depth and custom analytics reporting
  • Backend photo review and moderation tools
Featured Events & Examples
Submission Options
  • Facebook Album Photo Selction
    Facebook Album
  • Facebook Profile Image
    Facebook Profile
  • Facebook Wall Post
    Facebook Wall Post
  • Twitter Hashtag
    Twitter Hashtag
  • Instagram
    Instagram Hashtag
  • PC or Mac
    PC or Mac
  • MMS
    MMS (text)
  • Email
  • Onsite Photographer
    Onsite Photographer
  • Photo Booth
    Photo Booth
  • Smart Phone
    Mobile iOS/Android
  • Smart Phone
    Stylus Signatures
  • Smart Phone
    iPad Photo Kiosk

Standalone plug-n-play system

Online, real-time streaming solution

Staffed with onsite tech & photographer(s)

An all-in-one option allowing you to simply plug in, power up, and start creating a real-time photo mosaic. Pre-configured and customized to the specific needs of your event.
Online, interactive microsite where users can upload their photos, explore the mosaic, and share the experience through social networks.
Picture Mosaics technicians and/or photographers can be onsite to drive the mosaic activation and keep it running smoothly.
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